Interior construction
by Teamwork interiors

The look of a shop, hotel or restaurant can make all the difference. Inside experience. For years, we have been working for large clients in the retail, hotel and catering sectors. At Teamwork interiors, we understand that this is about the right experience, with the concept also being designed cost-effectively.

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Store designs, hotels and catering interior

Our projects are very diverse but always start from the same point: a concept. A concept for the store design, the interior of a hotel or the look of a restaurant. Our clients know that we are the go-to place for these projects, which we can carry out within the expected time without compromising on quality. A skilled, custom-made interior contributes to the optimal customer experience.

Interior design from concept to assembly

An interior comes to life from a concept. This is where we get involved with the project. We are involved in the concept phase and optimise it where necessary. This ensures a concept from the architect, which is user-friendly and cost-effective.

After approving the concept, the designers or work leaders will begin to digitise the concept. Everything is digitally prepared; from the finishing touches of the drawing up to ordering the right materials. This is how we can ensure an optimal production process

Production is carried out in the workshop, by the woodworkers, by the furniture makers and in the body shop. Through the furniture maker, the product ends up in logistics. We decide how to pack the interiors per individual transport. In doing so, we take into account the countries to which we are exporting and the demands made in that country.

Finally, the interior is completed to perfection by the mechanics. They drive, fly or sail with the interior and assemble the interior on site. Our mechanics will not be satisfied until the entire interior is finished. So we are going to hang those curtains for you, too.

The project manager monitors the entire process and ensures that all agreements are respected.


Teamwork interiors are leading in interior design with global level craftsmanship. We realise customised interiors for your shopping concept, delivered and assembled worldwide by appointment. At Teamwork interiors, you will find sincere, passionate professionals who enjoy working together on pure quality. We are involved in the optimal and cost-efficient production, transport and realisation of custom-made interiors

assembly of interiors

No store location is out of our reach. We’ve been flying around the world for years to assemble interiors. From a shop-in-shop in Amsterdam to a total shopping interior in Buenos Aires. From our workshop, in Terborg, we transport the interiors and deliver them to any destination in the world.

Want to find out more about Teamwork interiors? Take a look at our projects on the website or contact us, no strings attached. 

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