Martijn Molendijk
Molendijk Woodworking Machinery

Molendijk Woodworking Machinery sells machines but also ensures the maintenance and planning of the machines. A part of that is its steering. We also take the steering of the work preparation upon us. Martijn Molendijk from Molendijk Woodworking Machinery talks about his relationship with Teamwork interiors and gives his opinion about Teamwork interiors as an organisation, as he knows it.

What’s your relationship with Teamwork interiors?

Teamwork is a client of ours and I have been with them for about 10 years now. We have supplied them with the first machines in terms of particle saw and linking with the automatic plate warehouse. Later on, working machinery was supplied for the CNC area. They are connecting the software so that each machine does exactly what it needs to do. Using a barcode, a panel gets to the machine after which the machine scans the barcode and the panel is finished. In this way, errors are less common and the process is automated. Such a machine is a lot more efficient, so you spend a lot less time operating the machine. The machine can run continuously.

What’s your role in Molendijk Woodworking Machinery?

I’m mostly in sales right now, but I started at Teamwork as a service mechanic. We did the maintenance of the machines at the time, simply because we can react quickly. Because of this, we later also started to supply machines. We are currently thinking about the implementation of the software they are working on. This is then linked to the machines.

What was the first project you worked on together?

The first project was the handling of the lace glue machine. The project made sure that only one man was needed to control the machine. For the first time, we provided a return system and that is how we came into contact with each other.

What makes Teamwork interiors unique to you?

I don’t know how Teamwork interiors do their job because they are a client of ours and not the other way around. But within the company, everything is properly structured and everything goes smoothly. This makes it clear that they are quite professional. In the many workshops that we come across, it looks like nothing has been done to the place for 30 years. However, at Teamwork everything always looks neat; the people as well as the machines and the floor. This is a big difference compared to other companies.

What is the most beautiful project you have done together?

The project where new software was developed, which ensures that we make fewer mistakes and lose fewer hours. Work is a lot more efficient. That is something that is definitely fun to do.

Don’t get me wrong, the machines are also a lot of fun, but a project like this is really something that is going to benefit Teamwork interiors a lot. This will also save costs for their customers.

What else would you like to add about Teamwork interiors?

They have done really well by their staff. The staff may not always realise that, because they are used to it. However, if you see the places where we go, then Teamwork has things very well arranged for their employees.



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