The process
interior construction

Interior construction from concept to assembly, that is what we do at Teamwork interiors. Your project manager monitors the entire process and ensures that all agreements are respected.


Teamwork interiors is involved during the concept phase. We can make the whole process cheaper, easier and faster. We actively think along about materials and samples, which allows us to optimise concepts.


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Work preparation

Preparation for work is the first part of the production. During this phase, the products are produced digitally. The sketch artist or engineers make 3D drawings and set everything up digitally. This allows the entire production, logistics and assembly to run.


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The production drawings are carried out in the mechanical wood processor. Teamwork interiors uses entirely digitally controlled machines. We only work with the latest techniques.


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Teamwork interiors is responsible for the worldwide transportation of the furniture, including all related export documents and the supervision of the installation.


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Our installers fly all over the world to assemble the interior and won’t leave until the entire interior has been completed. We would be happy to hang that one painting for you, too.


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Our objective is a long-term relationship. The service we provide, for example, is in how we think along with the customer to produce a cost-effective concept or to bring your own products into our logistics process so that only one truck has to drive. Read more about our service.


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Tommy Hilfiger

In the largest city in Switzerland, Teamwork Interiors became involved in the interior of this store.

Tommy Hilfiger has been one of our loyal customers for years;

a project of which we are proud and reached the best results in cooperation with our partners.

Based on sustainable cooperation with the customer.

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