Location: Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria



Project manager
Teun Flint

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Runnerspoint is a chain of shops for running shoes. This store in Vienna was the first with a new interior concept. Teamwork interiors were allowed to take care of this. Runnerspoint products are colourful and have many patterns, which is why the interior had to be linear, flexible and minimalistic. That is how the product seamlessly connects to the interior. It is all about the product; the product will have room to stand out. In addition,




the room has to be fully accessible for the interaction between employee and consumer. After all, the most important part is the fitting and testing of the shoes and you want to take the time and have the space for this. The product was the focal point of the interior’s design. Throughout the store, you get the space to fit, feel and try.

Peace, space and flexibility in the interior make the product stand out and provide the space to fit the product.