Store interior design
by Teamwork interiors

The store’s atmosphere depends heavily on the store interior design. Choosing the right interior can make a huge difference. At Teamwork interiors, we have cooperated with large worldwide clients in the retail, hotel and catering industry over the years. We understand that the experience is paramount better than anyone else. All while taking cost efficiency of the concept into account.

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Our projects emerge from a concept

Our store interior design projects are wide-ranging and often formed from a concept. In addition to stores, we have also had projects for hotels or restaurants. Our clients know that we always complete the project within the expected time. Even though we work fast, the quality is not comprimised. A skillfully, custom-made interior is key for an optimal customer experience.

A pleasant cooperation leads to great results every time. – State of Art


Store interior design: from concept to installation

At Teamwork interiors, we are involved from the beginning of the process to the end. We think pro-actively with the concept and will help to optimize if needed. This results in a concept that is user-friendly for the architect and is constructed cost-efficiently. Firstly, the concept gets digitalized. Then, the production process can start and finally is completed by our mechanics.


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Digitalizing of the concept

After the concept has been approved, the illustrators set out to digitalize the concept. Everything is prepared digitally. From developing the drawing to ordering the right materials. This way we can ensure that the production process is done as optimal as possible.


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The production process

The production takes place in the workshop and is done by the woodworkers, furniture makers and in the paint shop. The product goes to logistics through the furniture maker. We decide how to package the interiors for every transport. This way we can take the requirements of the destination country into account.


Suitsupply parijs binnekant

The completion by our mechanics

Finally, the interior is completed by the assemblers to perfection. They drive, fly or arrive by boat with the interior and will install it on-site. Only when the complete interior is finished will our assemblers be happy. So they are more than happy to hang up those new curtains for you! The project manager monitors the whole process and ensures every promise is kept.


Store interior design by skilled professionals

We are leading in store interior design with wordclass craftsmanship. We realize custom-made interiors for your store concept. You can find sincere, driven professionals who would love to work on pure quality with you. Our staff love their job and this reflects on the result. We think pro-actively about producing optimally and cost-efficiently, transporting, and realizing the custom-made store interiors.

Sustainable materials

At Teamwork interiors, we like to think that the interior of a building is an extension of human nature and the choice to use sustainable materials is a starting point for every project. This way we can contribute to the use of sheet materials coming from the FSC and/or PEFC policy that ensures sustainable forestry.

In addition to this, we use blankets to cover our goods, which can be used for many projects and transports. Every transport that goes overseas uses PEFC certified crates. Goods that need to be spray-painted are sprayed with 98% water-based paints.

Finally, people are also a part of nature. That is why we find it important that our people have access to a properly fitted working place with minimal physical exertion.

Worldwide installation of store interiors

There isn’t a location that is too crazy for us to install the store interior design. We have been flying around the world for years to install interiors. From a shop-in-shop in Amsterdam to a complete store interior in Buenos Aires. We transport the interiors from our workshop in Terborg and deliver them to every destination around the world. Do you have new ideas for a new location or does a current location need a make-over? Feel free to contact us.


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